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Bike Recycling Day 2019

If you’ve ever wanted a bike, here’s a chance you can get it for free! On October 27, 2019, UCLA Transportation hosted Bike Recycling Day where the UCLA community had the opportunity to receive a used bike or bike parts for free. If you’re upset that you missed it this year, don’t worry.


Since it first started in 2011, Bike Recycling Day occurs annually each fall quarter. UCLA students, staff, and faculty are eligible to participate and the event was inspired by other universities who hold bike auctions. Often, purchasing a brand new bike is not feasible with more basic-needs items taking priority in the budget. Having access to a second-hand bike, or bike parts can help kickstart your journey on the road. For UCLA, the goal is to take abandoned bikes from around campus and give them back to our community to start a new life. This year, over 100 people attended Bike Recycling Day and approximately 75 bikes found new homes.


Every year, the number of available bikes range from 100-150 as the supply fluctuates. A majority of the bikes are abandoned and impounded throughout campus by UCLA Transportation in the summer and winter quarters. They are held for 90 days to give the owner a chance to claim the bike and after that, they’re fair game for Bike Recycling Day.

bikes at Bike Recycling Day

This event is held in collaboration with the UCLA Bike Shop, where staff members are on-site throughout the day to help you with choosing a bike or bike parts. They can answer questions regarding bike sizing, repairs, and maintenance, all crucial aspects to make the most out of your new find. The Bike Shop is a great resource for all UCLA bike owners as they are a Do-It-Yourself-Workshop located right at the Wooden Center. They provide new parts for purchase as well as collected used parts for free.


If you’re interested in biking around campus, but are still unfamiliar with the bike routes, here are some guides that the Bike Shop has put together, as well as a UCLA bike map. Even if you don’t have a bike, you can get to know the UCLA Built Environment a little bit better and keep your eyes peeled for next year’s Bike Recycling Day.


Lara Washington is a second-year Communications major at UCLA. In addition to blogging for the BEWell pod, Lara is a co-chair for E3’s Earth Month and a member of UCLA Radio’s marketing and digital press department.

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