Programs & Resources

The UCLA community has taken the initiative to lead several programs and activities focused on the built environment, sustainability, and environmental health. If you want to get involved, check out these programs and activities. If you find something to add to this list, please share with us at


  • Did you know that UCLA has been nationally recognized as a Bicycle Friendly University? See the fantastic programs and resources at your fingertips for all of your biking needs at UCLA.  
    • UCLA Bicycling Community and Resources:
      • UCLA Cycling Club: aims to advance competitive cycling at the local and national levels.
      • UCLA Bike Coalition: unites the diverse bicycling community of students, staff, and faculty in order to make UCLA and the surrounding areas better places to ride.
      • UCLA Bike Shop: offers bicycling safety classes, bike rentals, and do-it-yourself and a fee-for-service workshop open to the UCLA community.
      • UCLA Bike Map: includes bike routes, racks, repair stands, pumps, showers, lockers, and more.
      • Cyclist’s Corner: bike routes to UCLA and other key bike resources from UCLA Transportation.
      • UCLA Strathmore Bike Counter: LA’s first bike counter is located on Strathmore Place (just west of Westwood Plaza near Parking Structure 8). Ride on the green painted lane to get counted!
      • UCLA Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Report 2013: this detailed report gives an update of the extensive bicycle progress that has occurred since the original 2006 Bicycle Master Plan with the mission to improve cycling conditions and promote the bicycle as a transportation mode.
    • Learn about bicycle rules and safety on and around campus:
    • LADOT Bike Blog:
      • Read the blog to get a look into the operations, motivations, rationale, and people of the LADOT Bike Program to dialogue with the bicycle community over how to make LA and great place to ride.
    • Bike Trip Planning and Mapping Tools: Helps anyone find and track routes throughout the LA area and connect with fellow cyclists.
    • Bicycle Repair Collectives: Non-for-profit, volunteer-run organizations that provide space, tools, and equipment to teach people how to build, repair, and maintain their bicycles in L.A.
  • Earn-a-Bike Program

Alternative Transportation

  • Ever thought about carpooling or bicycling to campus? UCLA has many alternative transportation options (public transit, car/vanpools, bicycling, walking) – in fact,74% of students and 47% of employees commute using alternative transportation. Join the Bruin Commuter Club, sign up for free bicycle maintenance classes, or learn about infrastructure improvements.
    • Transportation & Parking Services: learn more about campus department responsible for all things related to transportation,  parking, and alternative commuting – UCLA Transportation Services.
    • Bruin Commuter Club: find out about the offers exclusive benefits, information, and support to those who use an alternative transportation mode to get to campus as part of the Bruin Commuter Club (BCC).
    • Green Commuter Blog: check out the official commuter blog of UCLA Transportation to learn about events, campaigns, and commuter-related news.
    • 2016 State of the Commute: UCLA Transportation summaries and statistics regarding commuting behaviors of the UCLA community. The figures show an increasing use of alternative transportation and lower drive-alone rate over time.  
    • CicLAvia: an event that temporarily removes cars from city streets and opens them to biking, walking, skating, and enjoying our largest public spaces. Different routes in LA are chosen annually. Business are open and people of all ages are welcome.
    • L.A. Streetsblog: daily news source connecting people to information about sustainable transportation and livable communities.


  • Many of the things we consume and the choices we make everyday have an impact on the environment. Here are some resources to help you make green choices.  
    • Learn about what UCLA is doing and what you can do to make our campus more sustainable: UCLA Sustainability  
    • Learn about E3, the largest environmental organization at UCLA, which is a student group whose efforts are rooted in the three E’s of sustainability: Ecology, Economy and Equity.
    • Explore the research programs of the UCLA Institute of the Environment, which focuses on critical environmental challenges including climate change, air and water quality, biodiversity and conservation, energy, coastal and water resources, urban sustainability, corporate sustainability and environmental economics.
    • The UCLA Center for Climate Science operates at the intersection of science and policy by employing and serving researchers and decision-makers in the development and communication of effective solutions to the challenges of climate change.
    • Read up on UCLA’s Goals with Sustainable Campus Practices, which touch on a variety of campus impacts including water, waste, energy, transportation, and many more.
    • Click the link above to read current campus goals, and click here to read the original 2008 Climate Action Plan.

Campus Safety

  • Feeling safe in your surroundings is an important part of environmental wellness. Learn about the campus safety programs in place designed to keep you safe.
  • Did you know that the highest posted speed limit on campus is 25mph? Find out why this is important for all Bruins: Watch for Bruins
  • Check out this list of safety tips while on campus.
  • Learn about the police department at UCLA.
  • UCLA lowered its speed limit to 20 mph on campus. To learn more about 20 is Plenty, visit the UCLA Newsroom.

Air Quality

  • If there is one thing you can’t live without, it’s air! Learn the basic facts about the air quality in your area and what it means for your health.
  • Find information on the source, transport, transformation, and environmental and societal impacts of local, urban, regional, and global air pollution: UCLA Center for Clean Air

BEWell Pod Library Research Guide

  • Click here to take a look at a research guide put together by UCLA Librarian Julie Kwan to find out more about some of the recommendations, data/research, and organizations associated with the BEWell Pod!

Bruin Commuters Website Title

  • Check out the Bruin Commuter Club website here to learn about membership benefits and eligibility!