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Why UCLA’s Okanagan Charter Adoption & Cultivating a Community of Care Matters

A Peer Health Educators’ Perspective: Why UCLA’s Okanagan…
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How UCLA’s Landscape Plan Affects Your Health

How UCLA’s Landscape Plan Affects Your Health UCLA's vibrant…
Pay It Forward: Advocating for a Subway Station at UCLA

Pay It Forward: Advocating for a Subway Station at UCLA

Pay It Forward: Advocating for a Subway Station at UCLA As students…
traffic sign reading, "no thru traffic"

Changes to Our Public Space

Even with all the uncertainties in the world right now, we know…
utility box with painting of bees

A Closer Look on Utility Box Art

More and more utility boxes are being transformed into colorful…
Plant species found in Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden

Refresher on the Botanical Garden

There are so many resources on the UCLA campus, but the Mildred…
Flyer for Bike Recycling Day

Bike Recycling Day 2019

If you’ve ever wanted a bike, here’s a chance you can get…

BEWell Policy Corner: Street Vending in LA

From fresh fruit, tacos, and even Tupperware, all kinds of items…

What’s Neat About Open Streets?

Between the honks, screeching brakes, and sea of headlights,…

How to get involved in creating healthier neighborhoods

A transformation is underway in Los Angeles. People are lifting…
Inside view of Mamava lactation pod.

How Can the Built Environment at UCLA Better Support Breastfeeding Women?

Now in its third project year, Creating Space, a graduate student…
Court of Sciences North

Reclaiming Our Healthy Spaces @ North Court of Sciences

What is your favorite place at UCLA? Some people love Bruin Plaza,…
Bird Scooter at UCLA

Transportation Do’s and Don’ts

There are more ways than ever to get around campus and the city…
Vets garden pic 2

Combating Veterans Issues through Gardening

Encompassing 14 acres behind Jackie Robinson Stadium on the West…

Try Some Green Space for Your Finals Week Blues

Happy Almost Finals Week Bruins! The end of the quarter can be…
BikeShare UCLA

In Review: The Bruin BikeShare Program

Imagine you’re still on the hill and late for class. You need…

Five Reasons Why Green Spaces are Awesome

Recently at our annual Celebration, the Healthy Campus Initiative…

Do Scramble Crosswalks Really Save Lives?

One of the City of Los Angeles’ ongoing efforts is VisionZero…
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The Built Environment of Studying

As finals week approaches, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed…
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How tomorrow’s election could affect your built-environment

Bruins, are you aware that there is an election tomorrow? It…
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New Year, New Lifestyle: Ride Public Transit

It’s almost end of January. How are you doing on your New Year’s…
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Community Mother and Graduate Student Led Project, Creating Spaces Paves Way for Lactation Support

In September of 2014, new mom LeighAnna returned from summer…
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Ways to conserve water in your apartment

  As all California residents should know by now, the…

Eco-friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

  With the holidays fast approaching, many of us are…

How Sidewalks Can Dis/Able Us

Whether you are walking to class, going to the gym, or getting…
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The Era of Vaping

Written by Joyce Lan The Transition from Smoking to Vaping…
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UCLA To Experience a New Level of Bikeability

By Jimmy Tran, UCLA Transportation Bike and Pedestrian Planner Short…

Far From The Tree: A Book that Will Expand Your Understanding of Disability

  As a person with disability and a student pursuing a…
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Loud Yet Easily Overlooked: Noise Pollution in Dorms and Apartments

  It was about 11 PM, and, after a long day of moving in,…
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Bruin Steps: Introducing UCLA HCI’s Sidewalk Series

Whether we may be aware of it or not, our daily surroundings…
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Beyond the Disability Awareness Month

Perhaps some of you already know that October is National Disability…
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UCLA State of the Commute 2018

UCLA Transportation produces an annual State of the Commute report…
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UCLA Is Now Home to LA’s First and Only Bike Counter

By Mike King, UCLA Transportation UCLA student, staff and…
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Blue + Gold = Green… Why I am proud to be a Bruin!

Did you know that UCLA was just rated one of the top green…
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10 things you probably didn’t know about bicycling at UCLA

1. There are seven miles of bike route on campus. 2. There’s…