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Changes to Our Public Space

Even with all the uncertainties in the world right now, we know one thing for sure: public spaces are now more important than ever.  What is public space? We all have a notion of public space in our minds; we might picture a park, plaza, or the street. A public space is defined as “an […]

A Closer Look on Utility Box Art

More and more utility boxes are being transformed into colorful displays of art on our streets. Southern California has become a hotspot for utility box mural programs with districts like Pasadena, Burbank, Glendale, Long Beach, etc. all having initiated programs in their area. Here at UCLA, we are also starting our own project for “Our […]

Refresher on the Botanical Garden

There are so many resources on the UCLA campus, but the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden is by far the most intriguing and lively to explore. If you’ve never visited the garden, here’s everything you need to know to make the most out of your visit. If you’re a regular there, I bet there are […]

Bike Recycling Day 2019

If you’ve ever wanted a bike, here’s a chance you can get it for free! On October 27, 2019, UCLA Transportation hosted Bike Recycling Day where the UCLA community had the opportunity to receive a used bike or bike parts for free. If you’re upset that you missed it this year, don’t worry.   Since […]

BEWell Policy Corner: Street Vending in LA

From fresh fruit, tacos, and even Tupperware, all kinds of items are sold by 50,000 street vendors around Los Angeles. Until recently however, most of this activity was considered illegal. On September 18 of 2018, governor Jerry Brown enacted SB 946, Safe Sidewalk Vending Act, which puts the authority to regulate street vendors in the […]

What’s Neat About Open Streets?

Between the honks, screeching brakes, and sea of headlights, anyone walking around Los Angeles can tell its streets are dominated by car travel. Some residents may not even realize there is an alternative. Ever since the automobile boom in the 1950’s, LA’s infrastructure has been increasingly designed for cars, limiting the ability of pedestrians to […]

How to get involved in creating healthier neighborhoods

A transformation is underway in Los Angeles. People are lifting their voices in support of healthy neighborhoods. These voices are shaping land use decisions, influencing infrastructure investments, and changing how neighborhoods look and feel. Part of what makes Los Angeles such a dynamic county is its diversity in race, ethnicity,  culture, and economics. We see […]

Reclaiming Our Healthy Spaces @ North Court of Sciences

What is your favorite place at UCLA? Some people love Bruin Plaza, with its iconic Bruin Statue, heavy foot traffic, and nonstop activities and events. The landing of the grand Janss steps, featured in many Hollywood movies and every campus tour, is a perfect place to feel at one with your school and on top […]

Transportation Do’s and Don’ts

There are more ways than ever to get around campus and the city of Los Angeles. Thousands of people with busy schedules navigate our 419 acre campus everyday, with many interested in finding new ways to cut their travel times. However, more transportation options demand more logistical planning. For example, each mode of transportation needs […]