10 things you probably didn’t know about bicycling at UCLA

1. There are seven miles of bike route on campus.

2. There’s over 3,000 spots to park your bike at UCLA. (Want even more? Send your ideas for bike rack locations to bike-info@ts.ucla.edu.)

3. The UCLA Bike Shop has over 80 bikes available for rent…

 4. …including electric bikes, too.

5. Humans aren’t the only ones that ride bikes to UCLA.

6. UCLA is home to Los Angeles’ one and only bike box.

7. UCLA will soon be home to the first automated bicycle counter in Los Angeles…

8. …and the first BikeLink electronic lockers in Los Angeles.


9. Anyone in the UCLA community can use the UCLA Bike Shop’s tools and work stands to fix your own bike for free.

10. More than 2,400 Bruins bike at UCLA…

…and you should, too!

Debra Yoo
Digital Marketing Analyst for UCLA Events & Transportation

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